The Motherchic Winter Book Club

January 11, 2021

There is nothing like snuggling up on your couch with your favorite blanket, hot tea (or a jammy red 😜) and a good book. Especially when there aren’t many reasons to head out into the world when it’s 30 degrees outside! Add in that things aren’t quite back to normal due to the pandemic and free time has slightly increased, and it’s the perfect storm for getting some good quality me-time. Enter, the Motherchic Winter Book Club…

Last year (crazy to finally say that 2020 was last year!) the TMC team shared their current reads during lockdown, so we wanted to keep up with the tradition. Because who doesn’t love a good book!? Even if it’s just a chapter in bed before dozing off into dreamland, it’s a great way to take a few minutes to unwind and get lost in another world.

So here they are — kicking off 2021 with our favorite reads for the Winter Edition of The Motherchic Book Club!

Lindsey’s Winter Book Club Pick

Admittedly I am still finishing up Untamed which we recommended in our last book club, but The Vanishing Half is queued up and waiting on my Kindle. When I asked on my Instagram stories for recommendations, this book was suggested by so many of you. At first glance, the ratings are amazing and the author dives into the thought provoking themes of sisterhood and racial identity.

Christine’s Winter Book Club Pick

It is no secret that I am a huge Ruth Ware fan. She is known for page-turning thrillers (that thankfully don’t result in nightmares) that often result in the “Ok just one more chapter” effect. I loved The Woman in Cabin 10 and In A Dark, Dark Wood, so naturally I had to pick up her latest book! One By One is set in a cozy, ski chalet in the French Alps, where the only method of getting to the chalet is by a funicular railway. An up-and-coming music tech company is hosting their shareholders meeting there to discuss where the company currently stands, and a buyout offer that is splitting the company into two sides. When a terrible avalanche occurs, snowing them in, things start to go south very quickly.

Beth’s Winter Book Club Pick

I love a good, whodunit, thriller! And so far, Watching You is not disappointing! It takes place in an upscale, peaceful neighborhood in England. A place where things rarely goes wrong. But with secrets, lies, paranoia, and an innocent crush something is bond to go awry.  Oh and did I mention obsession? The author, Lisa Jewell has a way of setting a scene all the while planting little seeds that will keep you guessing. Total page turner!

Abby’s Winter Book Club Pick

Who doesn’t love a good throw back book? To be honest I am currently reading The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. Back in 1989 when this was published Follett was more known for this thriller and suspense writing, so The Pillars of the Earth was definitely a change of pace. And went on to be his best selling work – aka this is a good book. There is no shortage of suspense, lust, deceit and really great architecture in this book. It is really quite the page turner and if you go with the paperback version you will be doing a lot of page turning because it boasts over 1000 pages. This book is guaranteed to keep you occupied until spring 😉

More books on our radar below….

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