How To Add Greenery In Your Home

January 27, 2021

Anyone else feel like their home is bare and empty after the holidays? Like, am I forgetting to put something back out? There is something about all of the lights, festive decorations, wreaths and garland that give life to the home. I wouldn’t mind that feeling all year long. Adding greenery in your home is an easy way to bring a little life inside. But I’ll be honest, I have a lot on my plate already and not sure I have the time to take care of live greenery. Sometimes I forget to drink enough water myself, so I’ll just leave it at that.

There are so many amazing artificial, lush and leafy greeneries that look like the real thing these days! Not only do they last longer, they are a less expensive way to liven up room. A potted tree or plant with a great looking pot or stand is an easy way to bring greenery in your home and can give your interior space some serious style. Where you put them is up to you… from a dull powder room to that empty corner in your living room that you just don’t know what to do with! Whether your home style is refined or eclectic, plants are the perfect accent to any vibe.

Click through the slideshow to see examples if how to add greenery to your home in various rooms….

Potted Grass | Potted Bookshelf Plant | Fiddle Leaf Fig | Eucalyptus | Mini Succulents

Potted Tree

Looking for something to fill an empty corner or have a piece of furniture that just needs “something”? A potted plant is a great choice. They are also the perfect solution if you are looking to add a little color and texture to your space. Try placing one next to a bookshelf or console table. For a more natural look, place one by the window. Add a decorative pot or basket for a stylish look.  

Wall and Hanging Plants

Vertical gardens or hanging plants are the perfect way to add another layer to a space. They are eye catching and interesting. Their small size make them a great solution for a bare wall or tight corner. You could even bunch some eucalyptus stems together, tie with jute ribbon and hang from a coat rack or hook for a splash of greenery. They are a fun way to draw the eye upwards while not taking up any floor space.

Potted Plants

If trees and wall plants aren’t your thing, then a simple potted plant might be the way to go. Add one or two simple potted plants to a bare table or windowsill to freshen up the home. A mantel is the perfect place to display some faux greenery. Why not play around and group several potted plants together on a nice looking tray or cart. Mix up the height of the artificial plants and choose some with different leaf shapes. This will give you a more organic look!

Mini Succulents 

If you are a less is more kinda gal than mini succulents might be for you. They are charming and have so much personality for their little size. With so many palates of color, mini succulents can bring the chic to your home decor. For a minimalist and natural look, choose a few different types and colors of succulents and arrange in a row as a centerpiece. They also make a great bookend while adding a splash of color. Have an entryway table or shelf that is missing something? Scatter a few mini succulents around your various other decor for that effortless look. 

Live Plants

To all of my green thumb friends out there, I didn’t forget about you. In fact, I admire you and your patience and the wherewithal you have to care for live plants. One day, one day! And they do say “ain’t nothing like the real thing” so here are a few beautiful, live, house plants and trees that I dream of caring for one day!

Do you enjoy adding greenery in your home? It really makes the space come alive…. no pun intended! See more of our home post here!

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