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February 1, 2021

Exercising and leading an active lifestyle are a big part of my life. I have always been a runner and chasing four boys around should count too, right??? Lately most of my workouts have been outdoors or in my house. I have yoga mats, a large exercise ball, hand weights and foam rollers scattered around. Turns out, while I was organizing my refrigerator with my favorite bins, I neglected to organize my gym and exercise equipment. Which now, by the way, are being used as toys and swords by my 4 boys. Even though I am still getting my workouts in, I have a feeling it will be helpful if I get things organized and all in one place. It will give me the motivation to keep at it and also peace of mind knowing that things are in order. Check out a few home gym storage and organization solutions that I definitely need and maybe some of you do too! 

the motherchic home gym organization

Unexpected Gym Equipment Storage

There are often times that I find that my living room is where I have the most space to get in a quick workout. So, finding some equipment storage that is also looks good was definitely difficult. Here are a few items that will work for small spaces.

Home Gym Organization Systems

These are the “mother” of all storage systems. They are great for mudrooms, a garage or basement, where extra space is available. Throw gym mats, medicine balls and foam rollers all in one place. They even make a great storage place for kids equipment like baseball bats , bags and basketballs. I can’t tell you how many times I find a football wedged between the couch cushions. From now on I am telling my boys they can find all of their gear in the storage system! 

Weight Stands

If lifting weights is your thing but they are lying around on the floor, then a weight stand is what you need! Nobody wants to walk into a free weight. A rack can be placed in a corner or small space and easily keeps your 2’s to your 10’s in nice order! 

Wall Mount Rack

Floor space might be scarce or if little kids are around you might want to keep some things out of reach. A wall mount is a great option. They can be as simple as a hook for a jump rope or kettlebell or a more elaborate rack that can store everything from free weights, to yoga mats and medicine balls. 

Home Gym Equipment

For those who already have the storage and space, but don’t have the tools to get you moving, check out the following exercise hardware and equipment to add to your home gym.

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