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March 5, 2021

Isn’t it crazy that 41 degrees and sunny and my kids are running around the neighborhood in shorts and t-shirts?! We are on the cusp of spring weather in Pennsylvania (I see you 60 degrees) and my closet is getting SO ready for it. I’ve rounded up a few top selling outfits that are full of staples you will wear like crazy in the upcoming season and beyond. In addition, I’m doing a little Q&A by answering some common questions I received on Instagram.

Tank (stock up on these!! Wearing size small – size up and I highly recommend this bra for underneath) | Jeans (wearing 25 petite and 5’4 for reference | Sandals | Bag (similar same brand here)| Necklace

Star Sweater (perfect summer sweater – super lightweight!) | Jeans (on sale,TTS) | Booties

Dress (wearing XXS, size down if btwn – use code MOTHERCHIC20) | Denim Jacket | Sandals | Bag (aka fanny pack) | Sunnies

Tank | Joggers (top seller!) | Bag | Sandals

Tee (restocked and new colors too!) | Shorts

What do your kids think about your job?

While I think my job is somewhat unconventional (it was definitely not something I ever aspired to do because it simply didn’t exist), my kids don’t remember me doing anything different so to them it’s just my job! I asked them what they think about my job and they were just like, “yeah it’s cool” and then ran off to do whatever they were doing! If people recognize me they like to make fun of me and their only complaint is that I work too much.

Why do you have Invisalign if your teeth are straight?

Oh my teeth have been a pain point my entire life! Yes, they mostly look straight, but it’s really my bite that is the issue. I have had so much orthodontic work since I was a kid (including head gear) and also 2 full sets of braces (the second set as an adult) and despite permanent retainers I just could never seem to get a good result. I also have one tooth that was impacted that sticks out a little on the top that has always bothered me. When my kids started getting orthodontic work I candidly asked their orthodontist if she could help me too! She was confident she could, but it would require me to get my 4 impacted wisdom teeth out first. A year ago I got my wisdom teeth out so I could get Invisalign and push all of my teeth back to create more space. I also have to wear rubber bands to close my bite. Long story short, I have about 18 trays left and I can’t wait!

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the clothes you have?

You would think having too many clothes could never be a problem, but yes, it can be very overwhelming. My job requires showcasing styles that are in season, on trend and in stock. I do my best to keep things organized, but my current closet is very small. At the end of each season I purge a ton of clothes. I give them to my sisters, friends, donate and also have a Poshmark page where I sell clothes that have barely been worn. And it’s not that I don’t love them, it’s just that I just don’t have room. I always donate any money generated from that page to various charities.

What is the lipstick you wear everyday?

My all time favorite lipstick is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk. It’s a pretty neutral and is flattering on many different skin tones. A few other lipsticks I’ve been wearing recently in some IG videos are the tarte color splash lipstick (5 o’clock is a pretty dark mauve and colada is a peachy brown) and if you like a very light nude, I also love this Lawless lipstick in color “Wedding Day”.

Cute outfit, but what about everything behind you?

Yes, we get this question on repeat and no offense taken! Ask and you shall receive!


Sofa (color is slate performance velvet)

Blinds – I got them from a local designer who specializes in window treatments. You can check out her website here!

Art – all of the art pictured is available here

Coffee Table – sadly it’s sold out! It’s a pink quartz table from Anthropoglie. They have so many cool ones though. Check them all out here.

Happy weekend, friends!

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