Easy Outfits to Wear to Disney

April 21, 2021

I can pretty much find any opportunity to wear a great graphic tee. So when the requests started rolling in for a post on outfits to wear to Disney, I seized the opportunity. I may not have all the tips and tricks to get your kids to behave and which rides are the best, but I can definitely help you with your outfit. We also rounded up the best options for the rest of the outfit: the best shorts, shoes, sun protection, and hands free bags.

Disney Outfit 1:

It’s all about the Magic Vibes when you are at Disney right? Pair this tee with denim shorts or a comfy pair of running shorts and watch magic happen.

Shop the Look

Tee | Denim Shorts | Sneakers

Shop the Look

Tee | Shorts | Sneakers

Disney Outfit 2

This slouchy tee can again be paired with denim, but if you want some more leg coverage a floral printed maxi skirt is a great option. The flowy fabric will help you beat the heat and feel chic.

Shop the Look

Tee | Denim Shorts | Slip-on Shoes | Hat

Tee | Skirt | Sneakers

Disney Outfit 3

Stand out from the crowd in an uber colorful ensemble. These shorts will be easy for your kids to spot and they are super comfortable.

Tank | Shorts | Sandals | Bag

Disney Graphic Tees

Sport Shorts

Sneakers and Sandals

Sun Protection

Hands – Free Bags

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