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Mother’s Day Gifts (a few of my favorite things)

April 23, 2021

I was putting my son to bed last night and he said out of the blue, “Mom, I can’t WAIT for Mother’s Day!” And I was like, “Me, too kid, me too!” His excitement was likely stemming from the fact that he made me something in school and is excited to give it to me (the best gifts, obviously). It also means that he will likely spill it to me in t-minus 17 hours, because it is So. Hard. To. Wait when you are four! While I hope you all give and receive a plethora of homemade gifts this year, I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorite things, because, well frankly they are nice gifts to give and receive too!

1 // Vuori Joggers // A TMC community favorite. I would say that 99% of readers agree they are worth every penny. Once you put them on, you get it.

2 // Le Labo Perfume // Oh Santal 33, how I love thee. This is my signature scent. It’s light and santal-y, sort of hard to describe, but I really to think it’s a calming sent and gives me a zen vibe. And yes, they also have a candle.

3 // Bala Bands // Still working out at home? These 1 pound weights give your workouts that extra edge! You can even walk with them to give yourself that additional burn. Also, they are pretty 😉

4 // Digital Frame // This is a great gift for grandmom’s who don’t get to see their loved ones as much as they would like. I have purchased this for both my mom and mother-in-law over the years and it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

5 // The Always Pan // A love story. You all know my thoughts on this pan. Not only is she a looker and looks great left out on the stove top (I never store mine), I use this pan multiple times per day. The ceramic surface is non-toxic and it’s super easy to clean! Use code MOTHERCHIC10.

6 // Starburst Necklace // Because she’s a super star, that is all!

7 // Ma Ma Earrings // I love this gift idea for a new mom… likely the first word she will hear! Well, unless it’s da da, but I digress…

8 // On Cloud Sneakers // They look cool and they feel amazing… like clouds, actually.

9 // LED Vanity Mirror // Why are these so fun? She might not think she needs this, but once you have one, wow they are awesome!

More Mother’s Day Favorites:

Oh, and when in doubt, this is pretty much the perfect gift…

Mom of the Year Sweatshirt (also comes in a t-shirt)| Shorts

Plus a plethora of cards that can help you when you just don’t have the words…

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