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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas!

May 3, 2021

Way back in September when my kids were all virtual, 5 minutes into their first zoom, I wanted to jump through the screen and hug those teachers. Here’s a 10 second glimpse into a zoom call with 20 seven year olds….. one is upside down on his chair, another is relentlessly unmuting to ask if he can go to the bathroom, another is telling an unrelated story about her mom’s sister’s aunt, another still hasn’t finished breakfast, another can’t log in to the lesson…. and if that isn’t enough to make your head spin, subtracting (with zeros on top) is the lesson of the day. Our teachers have been true heroes this year and during teacher appreciation week, I say we spoil them rotten! Whether your kids have been virtual or in person, or a mix of both, there is no denying the challenges teachers faced this year. And while I’m sure many teachers had scream-in-pillow moments, they met my kids with grace and enthusiasm and I just hope they know I think the world of them. I rounded up a few teacher appreciation gift ideas that as a former teacher, I would have loved to receive!

Many of the parents in our school organized group gifts where thy either compiled handwritten notes from the students or created video montages with messages from the students.

There are a few sites that make creating video montages easy that I will link below…



Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas…..

The motherchic teacher appreciation gift ideas
  1. Slip Silk Mask, 2. Mini Speakers, 3. Farm to Table Bloody Mary Mix, 4. Power Stone Bracelet, 5. Kendra Scott Earrings, 6. Popcorn Maker

And a few other fun teacher appreciation gift ideas…..

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