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Vases: The three you need

May 5, 2021

I was going to call this post Vases for Dummies, but if there is one thing my readers are NOT – it’s dummies. Sure we all need guidance every once in a while, because we can’t be experts in everything. Heck, I am nearing 40 and still figuring out how to do the laundry correctly and don’t even get me started about folding a fitted sheet. Through the years I’ve come to learn to lean on others for their expertise. Which is why when my mom called me and said that any time she gets flowers she doesn’t know what to do with them – it was time to bring in the experts. Ok, and maybe a quick Google search for the easiest ways to display flowers and which vases are the best. I narrowed this down to three simple solutions: The Tall Vase, The Short Vase, and The Set of Vases. Let’s get right into it….

The Tall Vase

Anytime I step into Trader Joe’s I am always woo-ed to their fresh cut flower section. I love that they make it easy to select a fun bouquet of flowers. And when I get home the easiest way to display these is in a tall vase. I feel like the more wild, exploding stems, and different heights the better! Just plop the whole bunch in and boom done! A slimmer neck opening allows for not much unnecessary re-arranging. Hot Tip: Start with your greens on the outside and then fill in with flowers if you are looking for a more put together bouquet

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The Short Vase

The short vase is a go-to for any entertaining occasion. They are perfect for a table setting because guests can easily see each other over the table and they make the perfect centerpiece. The short vase does require a little bit more “arranging” skills. I like to use flowers with big blooms over the wildflower look for this type of vase. There are two foolproof ways to arrange in a short vase – the tape method or the bouquet method. The tape method is where you create individual spaces for each flower using a grid pattern of tape. The bouquet method is where you arrange the flowers in a bouquet and tie them before placing in the vase. Either method is perfect when using a short vase.

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The Set of Vases

I have become obsessed with the sets of little single bud vases. It’s perfect for that one flower you saw on your daily walk (definitely not stolen from the neighbors yard!) or even to display few small greenery stems. There are no rules when it comes to sets of vases – just have fun! Group them together, spread them out, or just do the lone vase. Whatever way you choose you will have the perfect pop for your home.

More Sets of Vases

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