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May 12, 2021

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I can’t believe I am almost 40 and just discovered the beauty of relaxing in my bed. Maybe I used to do this in college, perhaps in early married life, but having 4 kids erased that memory completely. There isn’t a whole lot of relaxing going on in my life right now and it is probably due to the ages of my children. I have been trying to force my self to relax at least once per week, which means going up to bed when I put my kids to bed, lighting a candle, reading, and just channeling my inner zen. Blocking out the request of “Mommy I need more water!” is no easy feat, so creating a peaceful ambiance is a must. I created a mood board that evokes those peaceful vibes so that you, too, can create a haven at home!

Self Care Candle // Non-toxic soy candle with three layers of fragrance. Top: Coconut, Ozone; Middle: Pineapple, Greenery; Base: Vanilla, Woods

Comfy Cozy Wall Art // because sometimes a visual is necessary to help you relax!

Wood Candle Holders // Serene little accents

Happy Living Air Purifier // Because deep breathes, girl.

Robe // Three words: 100% Turkish Cotton

Tray // To stabilize the essentials. Like wine.

Down Alternative Comforter // Blue evokes feelings of calm, and you won’t believe the price!

Pillows // A slightly darker accent pulls the entire look together.

Hamper // Because you can fold it later!

Or maybe you like to take advantage of the warmer weather these days and create a relaxing space outdoors. Whether it’s some pretty planters or soothing sounds, here are a few pieces that may help you create a little outdoor escape!

Welcome Mat // Always feels good to swap these out!

Beach Chair // No beach required!

Towels // The prettiest assortment of Turkish towels.

Garden Bells // Soothing sounds to bring on the zen!

Hydroflask // Fill it with something fun!

Picnic Blanket // Your backyard happy hour awaits!

Planters // Chic and substantial.

Fresh Flowers Cart // Currently finding a spot for this because HOW CUTE!!

Shop more home favorites from Nordstrom Rack below!

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