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Fall Fashion Trends I’m Wearing this Year

September 10, 2021

“Fall trends 2021” – a highly googled search term this time of year. What is trending for fall? What is “everyone” going to be wearing? What is worth adding to cart? These are the questions fashion lovers start asking themselves come July in anticipation of the “best season for fashion” which just so happens to be fall. But first let’s define the word trend….

Trend by definition is the popular taste at a given time.

As we know from history, trends come and go…. and then come back again. Personally I like to take the trends and incorporate them into a more classic vibe so I feel like my wardrobe is current, but also timeless. Is any of this making sense? Ha. I suppose fashion isn’t supposed to, but that won’t stop me from trying. I’ve taken some popular fall trends and created outfits to share how I would wear them with the above goal in mind: current yet classic. Obviously fashion is personal, so if you want to jump all into a trend, hello 90s Cher Clueless vibe, snap a picture and tag me because I am here for it and love seeing how all of you wear the pieces we share.

Cardigan | Skirt | Bag

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More collared sweaters to love….

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More loose jeans to love….

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More chunky shoes to love….

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More preppy pieces to love….

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More shackets to love….

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More cable knits to love….

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More blush hues to love…

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