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September 27, 2021

Well hey there friends! It’s been a minute. Although we stay in touch daily in the group and social media, It’s been awhile since I filled you in on how the group is going and some top questions. Sometimes so many great questions and posts come in, it’s hard to keep track! I also wanted to welcome all of the new amazing group members!  One thing that always makes my heart sing is the support and helpful suggestions and tips that you all give to each other! For me, that is truly the best part of the group. Check out 5 tops post where you, the Ask The Motherchic group members, were so helpful and informative!

Q: Shopping for tweens isn’t always easy. And if your tween is tall and slim, where can you find leggings that are long enough and don’t fall down?

A: Athleta isn’t just for the adults! Athleta Girl makes great leggings that have supportive waistbands and a good amount of length all the while sticking to the great quality that us ladies receive from them! 

Q: We all love our joggers! A reader asked if there is a great pair that can be dressed up and even worn to work?

A: I suggested my favorite Colorfulkoala leggings but the group was unanimous. Many of you turn to Athleta’s joggers for more than just lounging around. 

Q: We can’t forget about the boys and fashion. I know my boys stick with athletic attire, but what is a great store for boys who like cool and unique styles?

A: H&M was the top pick! With trendy options for everyone in the family, boys can find everyday basics and stylish clothes to make them stand out from the rest! 

Q: Blow drying your hair is always a task. Am I right? But now with so many dryer brushes to help speed up the process which one is not only the best, but not the Revlon drying brush?

A: It turns out I am not the only L’Ange fan. I use their wand and straighten, but many of you use and love the L’Ange Le Volume dryer brush and love how it dries your locks! 

Q: One for the guys! With business casual becoming more acceptable in the workplace what pair of shoes can the guys wear that are casual but can still be dressed up? 

A: It was a tie between Cole Hann shoes and Hey Dudes. Two very different style of shoes but they both have the ability to be dressed up and down. Just let your guy decide which pair is more his style! 

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