tarte’s Best Selling Concealers

October 3, 2021

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The older I get the more I rely on tarte cosmetics… is it a coincidence their coveted under eye concealers are on crazy sale just months before I hit a milestone birthday myself? I think not. I think I’ve shared this stat in the past, but the cult favorite shape tape sells every 12 seconds. If you haven’t started swiping this stuff under your eyes, the discount I am about to reveal is too good to pass up. Are you ready for it? You get 50% off all concealers (log into your loyalty account for discount or quickly create one here) with code BDAY. This is just the first of many great sales they will be having this week so celebrate their birthday week so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more deals. tarte is also offering free returns/free shipping so you can come back each day for a new product with no spend minimum needed to qualify for free ship!

tarte cosmetics has several different concealer formulas depending on your needs. I’ll break down what you need to know about some of my personal favorites below.

shape tape concealer // This is their classic, OG, best selling one. Why I love it? Full coverage, long lasting formula that doesn’t crease or cake. It blends easily and conceals dark circles.

shape Tape Ultra Creamy Concealer // Consider this an amped up formula of the traditional Shape Tape. The ultra creamy version has a built-in eye cream for additional under-eye hydration.

shape tape glow wand // This is your eye brightener. It has a little less coverage than the other concealers, but it has an added touch of shimmer for an instant eye lift. You can layer it OVER your shape tape if you want more coverage and you can also use it on the high points of your face for a bit of radiance.

** use code BDAY **

skin treat concealer // Although this is designed for under eye use, I also love using it to help blot out skin imperfections and blemishes. It has a natural matte finish and blends beautifully!

And it doesn’t stop there…. tarte cosmetics isn’t the number one concealer brand for no reason! There are more formulas below so be sure to check them all out.

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