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Gift Ideas for Boys 8-12ish

October 28, 2021

I happen to have a small handful of boys between the ages of 8-12ish so I feel pretty confident in this gift guide. Yes, I sourced their assistance and they not only helped me find gift ideas, but they agreed that they would want all of them. Are we surprised? My own boys are sports lovers so there is an entire section on gear we have and love below, but I tried to include an assortment of gifts for kids with all different interests. Make sure you scroll down to see TONS more ideas at the bottom!

The Motherchic gift ideas for boys

Hoverboard // This gift went over HUGE last year. My kids use them inside my house – a basement or open space is your best bet, but after a little practice my kids were zipping around the kitchen getting snacks on their hoverboards. Not sure I should be proud or mad about that!? Either way, there is a learning curve (for me at least) so practicing on carpet first is my best advice!

Over the Door Basketball Hoop // This is our winter savior. When it’s too cold to play outside, this helps my boys burn off some steam indoors

Nintendo Switch Lite // I’m not a video game person, but this seems to be Nintendo’s newest release. It is a smaller, lighter, more portable version of the original Nintendo Switch.

Klask // The ratings of this game speak for itself! It’s half foosball, half air hockey and has won tons of awards. I’m sold!

S’more Maker // A little novelty item they probably wouldn’t ask for, but would LOVE to receive!

Virtual Reality Headset // Again, not totally sure what this does, but it is the ONE thing my 10 year old asked for this year. It’s compatible with a cell phone so they will need to borrow yours (just a heads up!). It comes with VR content that is regularly updated – basically it makes the user feel like they are in the space they are seeing in the headset or IN the game they are playing. Cool, right? Here is the “real deal” version, but huge splurge!

Echo Glow // This is a smart lamp for kids that is compatible with Alexa. To be clear, it is NOT a nightlight 😉 You can set routines so it changes colors for bedtime and awake time, dinner time, homework time… like I said, it’s a smart lamp! You can also ask it to have a dance party and it will play music and flash fun colors!

Trick Scooter // My kids got these for their birthday’s last year….. and in case you are wondering what kind of tricks you can do on trick scooters, my guys watched YouTube videos to learn!

Nike Flex Sneakers // We still haven’t graduated to laces… and I’m not mad about it.

Champion Hoodie // Yes, this brand has made a major comeback and the appeal is trickling down to the younger kids!

Kidstory Book // An inspiring read about kids who made history!

Sorel Boots // Because MAYBE if we are prepared for snow, we will get a mild winter. Just take one for the team 😉 These are easy to get on and off and very warm!

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