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December 6, 2021

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Lines, pores, spots oh my! As we age these are the fun treats our skin “surprises” us with. Sometimes it seems as if they sprouted up overnight. There are so many beautiful parts about getting older – confidence and wisdom being at the top of my list, and with advanced skincare treatments we can look our best as we age too. While deep lines and dullness are a skin concern of mine, dark spots and pore size may be a concern of yours. We all have our “things” that bother us. I love the BYE BYE line at IT Cosmetics because it is truly targeted skincare and not a one formula fits all approach.

There are lots of great beauty and skincare products offered at IT Cosmetics that make great stocking stuffers! While you are shopping for your serums, be sure to use code MOTHERCHIC20 at checkout for 20% off the BYE BYE Line. (Valid thru 12/14)


Laugh lines are a true gift – except when my makeup gets stuck in there and then it is not such a good look. The solution? A highly concentrated serum that contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, and Vitamin B5 to plump it up. BYE BYE Lines is a clinically tested, dermatologist approved formula that visibly reduces the appearance of stubborn lines.


If a glass-like complexion is the goal, this product is for you. I mean, I look at the skin of my 5-year-old and it just couldn’t be more perfect and smooth (and kissable, but I digress). As we age, our pores get larger because our natural exfoliation process slows down. Good new! Glycolic Acid is your new BFF and it’s the main ingredient in the BYE BYE Pores Serum It gently exfoliates the skin revealing a tighter, smoother complexion. This product visibly reduced pore size in one week!


Stress, sun, lack of sleep, too many sports games? Whatever the cause IT Cosmetics has the solution. You can wave away dull dry skin with the BYE BYE Dullness Vitamin C Serum. For that effortless and glowy look hydration and vitamins are key. This serum is packed with all those goodies to have your skin looking its best.

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