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Kids Spring Break Round Up

March 3, 2022

Spring break is creeping up fast and if there was a time to sneak in that extra bathing suit or pair of shorts – the time is now! Lots of retailers are having pre-spring break sales to get you stocked up and ready to go! I have also become a guru of sorts when it comes to packing for my kids – basically pack the same thing, but then multiply it by four. My kids are pretty easy when packing for spring break because they literally wear a swimsuit for a week straight and then maybe one “nice” outfit. I have come to rely on packing cubes, 1-2 for each kid, to make our suitcases organized and efficient. Let’s take a peak into my packing tips and tricks for spring break for kids!

Tip 1// Swim Suits (lots of them!)

Maybe it’s just my kids, but they seem to wear a few swimsuits a day. Pool, relax, change swimsuit, pool, relax, etc. I like to pack a few for each kid so they can air dry between wears.

Kids Swimsuits

Tip 2// Sun Protection

While it may be to the demise of my kids, but I am serious about sun protection. Hats, sunglasses, and sun shirts you name it! Nothing ruins a trip like sunburn! And when they are 40 and have no wrinkles they will be thanking me 🙂

Sun Protection and Gear

Tip 3// Versatile Shoes

Every time we go on a trip it is guaranteed that one of my kids will lose their shoes. The sand eats them, the ocean carries them away, a seagull snatched a pair, you know the drill. But shoes also take up a lot of real estate (that I need for myself) so I try to limit the amount of shoes we bring. Sneakers on the plane or in the car and then one pair of shoes for other activities. And if that other pair of shoes can do double duty from the pool to dinner that’s even better!

Versatile Shoes

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