Bright, Bold Outdoor Living Space

May 3, 2022

Just add lemonade…. and well-behaved children who are frolicking together nicely in the yard and who pick up all of their toys when they are done without being asked. That is the recipe for my ideal outdoor living space. Ok fine, spike my lemonade, forget what I said about the kids and we will call it even. In all seriousness, this is my happy place at home…

I spend countless hours on this little side porch in the spring and summer months. Sometimes my kids frolick nicely in the yard while I relax on the swing, other times they are pelting balls at each other and throwing bats, and I think to myself, “Someday they will love each other… and for now, well, at least my throw pillows are cute.”

This year I went for a bold, vibrant, poppy theme. I chose navy to ground the colors and make it cohesive, and sprinkled in florals and woven textures.

I love adding some whimsical vibes which I achieved with these macrame hanging baskets.

And while I still have some flowers to plant (waiting on PA spring to really arrive), I love creating a little “plant cluster”. A plant here, a stool there, a tucan on the side… there are no rules, but I try to vary heights to make it look like a little family. Actually I just made that up, I just think it looks better with some variety.

Shop the space below….

And here is a look at what I’ve done with this space in year’s past. What can I say? I like change!

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