College and Dorm Room Essentials

August 3, 2022

It’s only August, but kids everywhere are gearing up to head back to school. College living and all of the things kids need to outfit their new space have gotten a major upgrade since I was on campus. Parents and students are making lists of all the dorm room essentials as we speak. Don’t forget, XL twin sheets are a must along with so many other things to make college and dorm room life feel like home. Check out a few “must haves” to set up your college kid for success.


Organization is key when it comes to college life. Make sure everything has its spot when living in a small space.

Desk File Organizer | Storage Tower | LED Desk Lamp With Charger | Portable Lap Desk | Hanging Closet Organizer | Surge Protector Tower Power Strip

Bath Essentials

Having all of the right bath essentials are crucial when living away at college. This may be the first time for many to share a bathroom and shower space with multiple people. I cannot stress the importance of shower shoes!!!

Quick Dry Towel Wrap | Bathroom Containers | Shower Slides | Towel Set | Shower Caddy

Bedding Essentials

Getting a good night sleep while away at college is a must!! Late night study sessions (sometimes even all nighters) means having a comfy bed to crash. Bedding is another way to show your personal style and make a dorm feel like home.

5 Piece Bed Set | Pillow Set | Mattress Topper | Bed Lifts | Bedside Caddy | Light-up Bluetooth Alarm Clock | UGG Throw Blanket

Room Decor

Room decor is where you get the chance to shine and put a spotlight on your personality. Even though it may only be a small corner of the room, create a space that reminds you of home and makes you feel good.

LED Letter Light | Skylight | 4 Piece Wall Display Set | 3 Piece Succulent Decor | Hanging Photo Display | Slide On Door Mini Basketball Hoop | Floor Mirror

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