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Savoring Summer + Looking Ahead

September 22, 2022

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Today is the first official day of fall and it comes with mixed emotions. Summer vibes are the best vibes and they are certainly hard to shake off. I always tell my kids (and myself) that there is always something to look forward to, but even as I look forward to all of the great things about the season ahead, it’s during these transition time that I find myself a little anxious. It’s mostly unexplained, but if I had to guess it’s rooted in change, uncertainty, and a little bit of sadness that summer is coming to an end. This may seem silly, but one thing that calms me is looking at pictures of all the memories we made. Summer goes by in a blink, but looking at what we did over the past three months and the memories we made as a family confirms that we made the most of our time and are ready for what’s to come. Admittedly I have become SO bad at printing pictures. I blame the digital age and the reality that Instagram and Facebook have replaced our tangible photo albums. This year I decided to change that and created a little coffee table photo book of our summer memories.

I have found all four of my boys (yes, even my teenager) curled up on the couch or eating Cheerios at the kitchen counter paging through the photo book and smiling. I have a feeling when it’s 3 degrees below zero and there is a foot of snow on the ground, flipping through this book will, again, remind us that there is always something to look forward to….

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Easel Photo Calendar

With transition also comes the opportunity for a fresh start. A few weeks ago I shared how I revamped my work space which has been a game changer. Recently I took some inventory of other essentials I was missing and realized I needed a little stationary refresh. When in doubt, gratitude is usually the answer and not having anything to express it on shouldn’t be what holds you back.

Left Polka Dot Stationary | Right Memo Style Stationary

What can I say? Sometimes it’s just the little things.

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