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November 30, 2022

We bought it. We loved it. We shared it with you. And guess what? You loved it too! That’s what it takes to get on our “best of” list. Here our most loved items this past month…

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Why We Love It: It’s festive, it’s feminine, it’s crazy soft and will definitely cue the, “OMG where did you get that?” compliments. Use code CYBERWEEK. Add one of our top selling bags to go with!

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Why We Love It: On trend lug sole style with a touch of the fabric of the season. Fashion meets function.

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Why We Love Them: They are just THAT good. That good that you talk about them with your friends. You can’t say that about many socks now can you?

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Why We Love Them: Our go to bags for the girl on the go. Sporty, durable, interchangeable straps…. makes SUCH a great gift too!

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Why We Love Them: Top gift of the year for…… geez I’m losing count at this point. Butter soft and the price is so right.

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Why We Love It: Anti-aging super hero without the annoying (drying) side effects of retinol. Powerful, yet gentle and we are stocking up (I would say 2 would last you most of the year if you use it a few times per week). Use code GIVE30 to save 30%

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Why We Love Them: Ok, it’s the kids that love these. They go nuts for them! It was the top gift of the year last year, and if you ask us, twinkling lights never go out of style.

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Why We Love It: This rug is the subject of countless DMs in our inbox. It’s got that boho/vintage vibe and you really won’t believe the price.

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Why We Love It: Because it’s cozy season, that’s why. Makes an amazing gift too!

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Why We Love It: Oh this old thing? Kidding I got it last week. Highly recommend having a silky blouse in your closet that you can wear when your friends are meeting up for dinner and you can’t decide what to wear. This blouse might rival the relationship you have with those said friends. #BBF4LIFE

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Why We Love It: You all love EBY bralettes so much that we collaborated with them to make our own Motherchic color! Two-tone for the win. Supportive, seamless and no uni-boob in sight. Use code MOTHERCHIC15.

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Why We Love It: Let me count the ways. The inside is fleece-like sweatshirt innards. Not sure if that is the appropriate use of the word, but you get my point. The outside is chic, polished… yet soft. And that is the goal, right?

More Top Items to Explore

Shop more top sellers this month and let us know in the comments your favorite purchase!!

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