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January 9, 2023

I’m not one for traditional resolutions. I read somewhere recently that it’s more effective to set measurable goals for yourself rather than taking something away or forcing yourself to do something. This allows for the occasional slip up and allows you to live in moderation which is always my ultimate goal. This post isn’t about resolutions, however. This post is about habits that make us feel like we are taking care of ourselves which should ALWAYS be the goal. I asked the Motherchic team to share two wellness tips they swear by and why they love these “rituals”. Here goes…..

I started dry brushing when I did a modified “cleanse” with Sakara last year and it stuck. A few times per week I take my dry brush out and use it in upward strokes (towards the heart) all over my body before hopping in the shower. It takes all of about 30 seconds and it makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself. You don’t need to do this everyday – a few times per week will do the trick!

These eye gels are part of my morning ritual. I splash my face with cold water, apply vitamin c, pop on my eye gels and head downstairs to make my coffee. My kids are so used to seeing these on me, they don’t even think twice. It’s a passive way to give myself a little self-care which is always a great way to start the day.

We all love a cozy blanket, but there is just something about a weighted blanket that instantly calms me. I prefer to use it as a part of my nighttime routine. It helps me decompress the day and really settle into the evening. It feels like a hug for the whole body. A good rule of thumb for choosing the appropriate weighted blanket, make sure it is at least 10% of your body weight. (P.S. puppies not included)

Exercising is a big part of my daily routine. Pre-covid I would go to Pure Barre and a gym but then I stumbled upon Lululemon’s Studio (formerly The Mirror) and I haven’t looked back. The classes are challenging and the instructors are fun and motivating. The mirror itself has a sleek look – so much so that I keep it in my family room. This year Studio partnered with Pure Barre and a few other amazing fitness providers making for a variety of workouts! I am obsessed!

The Kindle is my reason to get to bed early – I love curling up for 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted reading time. It also helps me settle my thoughts before dozing off to sleep. Unless of course I get so enrapt in the book that I stay up late trying to finish it. While I love the feel of a book the Kindle is so easy to use and I love that the recommend books for you. I recommend grabbing a cover for that more book-like feel.

The Beast Blender is not only a favorite of mine, but also my husbands. This blender has grooves inside to create a super smooth smoothie. I recommend a quick rinse right after using for easier cleaning. This is a no nonsense blender and so easy to use.

We would love to hear what wellness tips you all swear by! Let us know in the comments!

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