Style Resolutions 2023

January 11, 2023

When it comes to resolutions, some are more fun to “work at” than others. There is nothing restricting (or dry!) about this post. The only thing strict about style resolutions is that they are strictly FUN. But why make them? Your style is an extension and a representation of YOU. If you ask me, that warrants a little self-reflection and honing from time to time. Fashion can play an important part in our everyday life when it comes to confidence, sense of self, and productivity. As you make changes in your life, how does that affect what you wear? Or how does what you wear affect your life? These are big questions, my friends. Here are a few style resolutions the TMC team came up with that we are going to “work” on this year…

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Denim will NEVER be broke!!!! BUT, but…. denim has other friends and they are crazy chic. Trousers are a bit more high-fashion and polished and when I really want to grab for my jeans, I am going to make an effort to grab for one of these pants instead.

And because I wanted to illustrate that I am taking these resolutions seriously, I took a pair of trousers for a spin. To say I felt elegant is an understatement….

Oversized Pleat Front Trousers (wearing XS) | Dolman Sleeve Sweater (one size – wearing beige-2)| Boots

I asked the girls on my team what style resolutions they were focused on this year too….

Remember when we all wore pajamas for a year… let’s put those aside and break out the bold. Citrine hues and statement prints ruled the runways. I am ready to have fun and celebrate fashion.

This fashion resolution might seem boring, but knowing I have a few quality pieces in my closet will help answer the dreaded “what am I going to wear” question. A great pair of jeans in an all year round wash, a lux sweater, the perfect LBD, a crisp button down and polished pants will solve any fashion conundrum!

What are your style resolutions and how can we help?! Let us know in the comments!

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