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Motherchic Tested: Athletic Greens

February 9, 2023

This highly anticipated post is finally live! Many of you wanted to know…. is a $129/month supplement really worth it? I tried it for 6 weeks, and good news, my one month supply lasted me that long. I may have missed a few days, now that I think about it. Either way, I have some thoughts and figured they would be best organized into a list of pros and cons.

** I am not a doctor, these are simply my personal thoughts on a supplement that I purchased on my own. Always consult with your own doctor. **

First an ancedote…. I was mixing my AG1 this morning as my husband rolled his eyes. What?! I went on to explain that it makes me feel great, very even… like a beautiful state of homeostasis when I take it. His reply? So does water and exercise. He doesn’t buy the hype, but I also dry brush and he doesn’t – clearly we have our own set of wellness standards.

Let’s start with the the hype and why I bought it in the first place….

I listen to a lot of podcasts in my spare time (when I am driving my kids around or cleaning the house) and all of my favorite podcasters were taking AG1 and singing it’s praises. Most of the podcasts I listen to are wellness related so I trusted their reviews. AG1 is an all-in-one supplement that claims to boost energy, support immunity, promote gut health, speed up recovery in athletes or anyone doing any form of physical activity. I was sold and placed my first order. Here is my honest review….

Pros of Athletic Greens

The biggest pro, for me, is the way it makes me feel. I love a good morning ritual and chugging my AG1 before my coffee makes me feel like I am doing something good for myself to start the day. I’ve noticed that when I am driving my kids to school after I take it, I feel chill, yet energized. It’s a harmony that’s hard to explain, but I think its the combination of the vitamins and adaptogens (ashwaghanda, rhodiola etc…) and magnesium.

  • starts your day by consuming a big glass of water.
  • replaces the need for taking separate vitamins, probiotics, and adapotgens. It’s an all-in-one powerhouse.
  • start your day knowing you already have consumed the nutrients you need for the day.
  • promotes gut health
  • vegan, Paleo, Keto-friendly and gluten free.
  • beautiful presentation – comes in a big box with a storage container, a heavy scooper (feels fancy), a tumbler plus a box of travel size packets.

Cons of Athletic Greens

The biggest con for me (besides the price), is that I don’t love the taste. It has grown on me, but it’s not something I totally enjoy. I chug it just to get it down. That said, it’s not terrible, just not great. It tastes a little sweet with hints of vanilla and pineapple. I have only ever mixed it with cold water – I think it would probably be delicious in a smoothie.

  • expensive
  • taste
  • a little chalky (makes me cough) if I don’t mix it really well (adding more water helps).
  • lots of ingredients (would definitely have a your doctor look at it in case there could be interactions with something you already take)
  • placebo effect?!

In summary, I personally like it, but I am confident there are other products out there that have the same benefits and may cost less. Maybe they even taste better too. I do stand by the fact that when I take it, I feel great. However, maybe it’s just because I started my day feeling like I did something good for myself and that might be the biggest take away of all.

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