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February 20, 2023

I have moved two times so far in my adult life. Moving itself is an overwhelming process, but the change and newness is incredibly exciting. I am about to make the move into our forever home which makes decorating this time around feel a little different. I have always loved home decor because I view it as an extension of showcasing your personality and style. It allows so much room for creativity and truly making a space your own. Although we are not fully moved into our new home, I have started decorating and making our new home feel just like that… ours. This post is a little preview of some spaces I’ve started bringing to life.

Kitchen Decor

Decorating the kitchen might seem a little tricky. You want as much counter space as possible and limited clutter. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of cabinets to hide the mess, but floating shelves are great for staging a mix of real kitchen items you don’t use every day and decorative objects. I incorporated a mix of greenery, interesting bowls or trays and even showcasing some books. This can make the kitchen feel warm and inviting, yet still styled.

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Little swaps, like decorative hand and dish soap bottles can elevate your space with minimal effort.

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Coffee Nook Decor

Ok, so this little space off the side of our kitchen was decorated with idea of starting each day “bright and happy”. Our renovated home is over 100 years old and it had lots of nooks and small closets. We turned this one into a coffee bar/pantry overflow space. I may eventually add some floating shelves on the wall, but for now the “animal kingdom” wallpaper is the show stopper. I live with 5 boys and a huge dog. I thought it was appropriate?!

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Living Room Decor

The idea of a living room always felt so “grown up”. It was the one room we never really went into. Now that I am a grown up, I am changing the rules. I want my living room to be a place where I can entertain and people will feel relaxed and comfortabl.e My kids on the other hand, need a little training before I let them loose in here (if you missed the dry erase marker story, I’ll let you imagine what happened and you are probably right). I love mixing neutrals with pops of color and am trying to go with the less is more approach – I want people to fill the room and not stuff.

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Dog Decor

Well this isn’t so much decor as it is a place that I hope he will sit and relax on. First he needs to clean up a bit on this mat before relaxing on this display worthy faux fur rug! Crossing my fingers that it will help keep my new home and new decor looking, well, new!

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More decor (and hopefully windows!!) coming soon…..

  • Beth
    February 21, 2023 at 10:18 am

    I can’t view your article and pictures because there are so many ads covering it up.

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