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Statement Sandals

March 21, 2023

The words, “Your shoes are so cute!” have a nice ring to them, do they no? Naturally you immediately reply with where you bought them. A statement sandal can instantly upgrade an outfit with that unexpected pop. From bold colors to big platforms, we rounded up our favorite statement sandals for the season.

Bold Heeled Sandals

These sandals by The Drop have been a favorite of mine. While I have a *few* neutral pairs, the bright green spoke to me. From shades of metallic to fire orange hues these sandals are offered in every shade.

The Drop Sandals

More Bold Heeled Sandals

Bold Flat Sandals

The boldness doesn’t stop at heels, bright slides and strappy flats are here to make your outfit spring ready.

Ipanema Slides

Gap Lace Up Sandal

More Bold Flat Sandals

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