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Summer Mornings with Vuori

July 19, 2023

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Let’s talk about walking the dog in the summer, shall we? I have learned in our year and half of having a puppy, that a tired dog is good dog…. so walk him I will. Walking 85 pound dog, however, is no walk in the park (sorry had to). His erratic movements that jerk me around are as unpredictable as the weather. Just when I think we are smooth sailing, a scent catches the tip of his nose and I am being pulled with brut force into a shrub… usually one filled with wet morning dew. Irritated and damp, I push through. If we don’t finish our route I’m at risk for having a hyper 85 pound dog in my house, so we stay the course. I’ve also learned that in my year and a half of dog walking that the beginning of the walk is the hard part… it’s the part where he has to get do his business and smell the things. After a few minutes, he is satisfied and we just walk… and I actually enjoy it (and I think he does too). I also think our morning time together is the reason why I am, no surprise, his favorite 🙂

The only other consistent piece in our walks, is my uniform. Summers here are crazy hot. I wake up, put on my Vuori and I know I am ready for any summer weather system. Their Villa Collection was made for these extreme temperatures – it’s extremely lightweight, moisture-wicking and naturally wrinkle free. Do I feel bad that my dog is wearing a fur coat and I am basically wearing nothing? I do. But I also know how to behave myself despite pent up energy.

I wanted to share a few Vuori pieces from their Villa collection that I love for summer. The breathable lightweight fabrics of the Villa collection are also perfect for summer travel and the mix of temperatures/humidity leaves we experience this time of year.

Villa Romper

Oh how I love this piece. It feels like air so it’s great for the mornings where the air is thick and I need to be somewhere after our walk and look pulled together.

VIlla Romper

Villa Joggers + Sedona Crewneck

Some mornings (if we get out early enough) there is a tiny chill in the air. The Sedona Crew is minimalistic perfection – a great mid-weight sweatshirt that’s a great piece to wear year round. If I balance this out with the Villa Joggers my temperature regulation is optimized to perfection. Again, kinda feel bad that the dog doesn’t have these options, but that’s what panting is for, right?!

Sedona Crewneck | Villa Joggers

Villa Wide Leg Pant

And then there are those perfect summer mornings… they are few and far between and they don’t last more than a few hours, but when they do happen I am ready. The Villa Wide Leg pant – such a great invention! Flowy, chic, and functional. Name something else that is all of those things?

Villa Wide Leg Pants | Energy Tank

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