Back To School with Macy’s

July 27, 2023

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I know they say you blink and they are off the college, so I am keeping my eyes open as long as possible. I use to roll those same eyes at the women behind me in the super market who blessed me with this wisdom as I wrangled my 4 boys through the checkout. But they were right. I have a kid entering high school this year. HOW did we get here? Time is a funny thing. At times the days seem long, but the months fly and don’t even get me started on the years. Something always happens inside of me mid-summer and I just want time to tread. The new school year is in sight, but I’m just a mom desperately trying to hang on to right now. As soon as they get on that bus, I swear its a time-sucking it’s a vortex.

Two facts: I can’t keep my eyes open and I can’t pause time. Back to school is happening and some prep is required. While my boys don’t go back to school until after Labor Day (it’s a PA thing) I know some of you are already prepping to send your kids back to school in a few weeks. I wanted to share Macy’s Back to School Specials where you can head to toe outfits and even a backpack. My son is so thrilled not to have a hand me down and I’m thankful that his backpack still looks bigger than him. Of course I had to do a little back to school shopping for myself because bus stop style is thing 😉 Check out our looks below…

Shop Macy’s Back to School Specials for great deals on denim, tees, active, shoes, and backpacks now through 8/2!

Tee | Shorts (more here) | Backpack

Denim Jacket | Tee | Cargos | Sneakers

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