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Back To School with Wayfair

August 9, 2023

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Back to school is looming around the corner and I am on board for everything and anything to get me prepped. The hustle and bustle of the mornings is in close comparison to the grind of the sports, carpooling, dinner in the car… the please-go-to-sleep early so we can do it all again tomorrow. So to set my family up for success this school year I am prepping the home with a few must-have essentials. Right now Wayfair has thousands of deals on products that ship fast! Bedding, stylish organization, lighting, and decor. From fun and functional decor to deals on bedding (off to college necessity!) there is something for every form of back to school.

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Do-It-Yourself Breakfast

As a mom of four kids, it’s enough packing all of their lunches let alone making all of their breakfasts. These cereal dispensers not only have wow-factor (you should have seen how excited my kids were when they arrived), but they are super easy to use and the kids can get their own breakfast.

Double Cereal Dispenser

Smoothie Prep Station

Ok sounds official, but really it’s just a clear plastic bin that holds all of the ingredients I put in my morning smoothie (minus the banana, ice and milk). To go from trying to bobble everything in my hands to sliding out a container that holds everything together makes me feel like I have my life together. It’s the little things.

Kitchen Can Organizer

Making Laundry “Fun”

I’ve found that with kids it’s all about pretending it’s a game and giving them ownership. When I showed them this laundry sorter and told them they each had their own bin that no other brother could use, they bought it. When it’s full, I can throw in a load per kid which makes figuring which blue shorts belongs to which kid that much easier.

Laundry Sorter

Light the Night

Did I mention I have a kid entering high school this year? I swapped out his iPhone holder for a cool reading lamp. What can I say? He will thank me someday.

Reading Floor Lamp

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