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Best Gifts We Gave/Received for the Holidays

January 6, 2024

It’s time to take stock of the triumphs and treasures that made this holiday season truly memorable. From the well-thought-out surprises that earned us the title of gifting champions to the unexpected gems that landed in our own laps, we are sharing the best gifts exchanged this past holiday season. We share tons of gifts in preparation for the holiday season, but I thought it would be interesting if we share what we actually bought… and received!

1 Varley Half Zip Pullover | 2 Ninja Creami | 3 Todd Snyder Sweatshirt | 4 Food52 Flatware Set | 5 Jennifer Fisher Gold Hoop Earrings | 6 Red Light Face Mask

Lindsey – Favorite Gifts I Gave

I have become obsessed with the brand Varley – I gifted a few of their pieces to Motherchic team members and one to my sister this season. This pullover, this jacket, and this one as well.

I got my husband this sweatshirt that he hasn’t taken off.

I also surprised my kids with this ice cream/smoothie maker that I am just as excited about. I feel like as a mom of boys, our interests aren’t always the same, but we can all agree on ice cream. I thought this would make for a fun activity to do together.

Lindsey – Favorite Gifts I Received

Word on the street is that I’m hard to shop for, but my family and friends got me some pretty incredible gifts.

This might not be the most exciting gift, but my mom bought me new silverware. She says every time she comes over I don’t have any left – 6 person family and a HUGE extended family will do that to ya!

Oh, and new, classic earrings always go over well.

My sisters got me this red light face mask and I am LOVING!!! It has tons of anti-aging benefits and in addition to that, I love that it forces me to lay down for 10 minutes and recharge. It’s warm on the face (just a touch) and is super relaxing.

1 Frenchie Sweater | 2 Match Cloche | 3 Capital Z Candle | 4 Good Girl Blush Perfume | 5 Quince Cashmere Fisherman Sweater

Beth – Favorite Gifts I Gave

I received this as a gift and also gifted a TON of these clean-burning candles. They are made with essential oils and the fragrances are beautiful yet not over-powering. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but right now I can’t stop burning “Call You Mine” – would also make the perfect for Valentine’s Day

My sister loves a good cashmere sweater and I was so curious to see how this brand of cashmere compared to a more expensive brand. Let me tell you, it’s not only identical in style but the quality and price point are amazing. Thinking about gifting one to myself!

Beth – Favorite Gifts I Received

I received this match cloche as a gift along side of my favorite candles and honestly the act of lighting a candle brings on whole new experience. And it’s so pretty!

For years I have been wearing the same perfume and recently I feel in love with a scent my friend was wearing. Dropped a few hints to my husband received this amazing perfume. It is one of those “omg who smells so good” scents. And now it’s me!

1 Varley Coat | 2 Dyson Airwrap | 3 Air Doctor | 4 Vintage Havana Sneakers | 5 Jones Road Miracle Balm

Abby – Favorite Gifts I Gave

My husband dropped a hint that he wanted this Yeti cooler, so it was an easy gift that I knew he would love!

I decided to go the route of giving out books this year to try my hand at something meaningful. Here were a few that I gave out: The Comfort Crisis to my brother-in-law, The Berry Pickers to my co-worker and The Damn Near Perfect Game to my Dad.

Abby – Favorite Gifts I Received

I put on this Varley coat, and I am never taking it off. I think I just became the coolest person in the drop off line.

Not sure how I waited so long to use the Dyson Airwrap (refurbished version here, less expensive), because it is worth every penny. This is also coming from someone who has incredibly thick and long hair that takes forever to dry.

My kids spend a lot of time playing in the basement, so while the Air Doctor isn’t the most “fun” gift, it gives me great piece of mind.

Let us know your top gifts from the season in the comments!

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