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January 29, 2024

Let’s dive into the riveting topic of wallpaper, because nothing screams excitement like discussing patterns on walls, right? There are two things I know about wallpaper to be true. First, wallpaper is HIGHLY personal. It can be polarizing in terms of even liking it in the first place, and if you agree that you like it and are on “team wallpaper”, the actual selection of wallpaper can lead to relationship distress. Flowers, sloths, words, skulls – you name it, there’s a wallpaper for it, ensuring that everyone’s taste is thoroughly catered to, which brings me to my second truth about wallpaper. Forget about rational decision-making; you gotta feel it in your bones, from your nose to your toes, and deep into your soul. When you finally stumble upon “the one”, you better slap those blinders on, swipe that credit card, and internalize the feeling you had when you first laid eyes on it like it’s your newfound religion. Because trust me, in a few months, when you’re questioning your life choices, you’ll need to summon that memory from the depths of your soul to justify your decision for the next five years or so until it’s financially acceptable to change it. If this isn’t your personal journey with wallpaper, then please, enlighten me! Until then, here is a little wallpaper tour of my home…..

Office Bathroom

House of Hackney Blackthorn Wallpaper (in Tourmaline)

Other links: Mirror | Sconce

Maybe you see flowers, maybe you see skulls? According to my husband who selected this wallpaper for the bathroom whose physical location is between our offices…. “the design was a recognition that I’m in a feminine space but trying to bridge the masculinity gap to my office with some darker features like soapstone counters, and skulls embedded in flowers, with warmer tones in rich walnut cabinets with the accent of pink hues in the tile and wallpaper…. i.e. it is the physical transition point from The Motherchic land to…me.” And there you have it. Truth number two: feel it in the depths of your soul.

Powder Room

Thibault Mulberry Tree Wallpaper

Mirror | Sconce

My husband was adamant about having black wainscoting in this bathroom, so I wanted the wallpaper to be lighter and airier to draw the eye up. The large print mulberry tree felt like a classic choice. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it has a grasscloth texture.

Office Powder Room

Kerri Rosenthal All You Need is Love Wallpaper

Other links: Light | Mirror

I knew I wanted Kerri Rosenthal wallpaper somewhere in my house. I am a huge fan of her art and when I discovered she made wallpaper that is equally feel-good, I knew I needed it my work space. It fuels my creativity and reminds me not to take everything so seriously – because all you need is love 😉

Third Floor Bathroom

House of Hackney Hollyhocks Wallpaper

Vanity | Tile

This third-floor bathroom couldn’t be more awkward, so I tried to make it as beautiful and whimsical as I could give the pitched roof, mini door to the utility room, and 100+-year-old claw foot tub – that we, without a doubt, kept and painted green! I wanted this space to feel enchanting, and the floral wallpaper makes you feel like you are in…… flower heaven.

Coffee Nook

Thibault Kingdom Parade

I start every day in this little coffee nook off the back of the kitchen. I wanted the wallpaper to be bright, happy and a reminder that with four boys, I live in my own little animal kingdom… and wouldn’t want it any other way!

And yes, I am just getting started. Sorta like tattoos; wallpaper is addicting! What should I wallpaper next?

  • Alani
    January 31, 2024 at 7:16 pm

    Any chance you have a link to the vanity in the “All you need is love” wallpaper photo?

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