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February 12, 2024

Thank you to Bombas for sponsoring this post.

While it’s not quite the “new NEW year,” we’re still riding the wave into 2024, and I’m in full-on inventory mode. What’s serving me well? What needs a swift exit? How can I tweak the balance for maximum happiness? Enter the age-old questions that haunt us all as we navigate through life. And amidst this deep pondering, I’ve come to a profound realization: great socks are the unsung heroes in this quest for equilibrium. They deserve a spot in the bucket of “life essentials.” After all, they possess the magical ability to amplify our moves (check out these), enhance our cuteness factor (OMG these), and crank up the relaxation meter (def a must). Welcome to the sock revolution, my friends. Let us never forget that sometimes is the little things that have the power to make our days brighter – starting with our toes….And also worth nothing, every time you purchase Bombas, you donate essential clothing to those who need it. One purchased = one donated <3

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Below I’m sharing a few favorites from Bombas that answer the question, “What do I need more of this year?”

Exhibit A: FRILLS!

the motherchic bombas

Pointelle Frill Quarter Socks

Don’t let the lace-like fabric fool you. These lightweight socks have the trusted Bombas “honeycomb” arch support built into these cuties. The pointelle knitting technique and ruffles give them a sweet, feminine touch – perfect for pairing with a cute slip-on or for peeking out of ankle boots.

Exhibit B: Coastal Stripes

the motherchic bombas
the motherchic bombas

Coastal Stripes Quarter Socks

These are your everyday, go-to, mad-when-they-are-in-the-wash socks. Wear them with sneakers, booties or just around the house.

Exhibit C: Calf Sock Running Pack

the motherchic bombas
the motherchic bombas
the motherchic bombas

Calf Sock Running Pack

These are the socks that made me fall in love with Bombas. They aren’t lying when they say it’s like a hug for your feet. For someone with high arches, I appreciate the added support and cushion. I wear these running and appreciate the higher shaft for added warmth in the winter months.

A few more to add to your “what serves me” bucket…

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