My Workout Secrets with adidas

May 15, 2024

Thank you to adidas and Collective Voice for sponsoring this post.

I’ve got a few “secrets” when it comes to fitness that keep me motivated and drive results. First, consistency is key. The more I move, the more I crave movement. I aim to get 10,000 steps per day and do some sort of workout 5 days a week. The second tip (that makes achieving the first step much easier) is to change it up. I like to keep my workouts fresh, so I never do the same thing two days in a row. For example, Monday: Run, Tuesday: Orange Theory Class, Wednesday: Strength, and so on. I make every day of the week a new workout “experience,” which not only shakes things up, but also works different parts of my body. This one is HUGE for me – when I really don’t feel like working out I tell myself, “Just 15 minutes”. After 15 minutes I ALWAYS end up deciding to do more. The hardest part is just…starting. Finally, what I wear really matters (this should not surprise you!) Not only do I want my outfits to be cute and make me feel confident, but I also want them to be functional. adidas takes the guesswork out of showing up ready to run, jump, lunge, and lift. Every second counts in my workout routine, so having performance gear to keep up is necessary.

Nothing makes me feel more ready to crush a workout than a matching set. There MUST be science behind this because I swear it’s a thing.

These HEAT.RDY HIIT 2-IN-1 SHORTS are your answer to “I normally wear leggings for HIIT/Cross-training, but it’s too hot now, and shorts are great, but I need something with more coverage.” The 2-in-1 design allows you to have the best of both – the light-as-air breezy feel with the coverage you need for jumping, lunging, and the dreaded burpees.

And when there is a matching tank to complete the look I’m here for it. This HIIT CROP HEAT.RDY TANK TOP feels like air and has ventilation right where you need it. It’s cropped and fitted so nothing gets in the way of your movements.

I am pretty loyal to Ultraboosts (and so are my kids), but I wanted to try the Supernova style and WOW, I am in love. They are a bit more cushy, which this 42-year-old appreciates. While they are designed for running, I can use them for workouts that combine both running and strength.

POWERIMPACT Training Sports Bra | HIIT Crop Tank | HIIT 2-in-1 Ready Shorts | Supernova Rise Sneakers

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