The Socks You Need for Summer

May 20, 2024

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Socks in summer? Really? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sandals and barefoot blue jeans nights, but there are a few instances where socks prevail, and having the right ones is important. If your feet aren’t happy, chances are you are irritable, and summer equals happy, so let’s just preemptively do ourselves a favor and set ourselves up for success. Bombas has won the heart of my entire family – my seven-year-old even gets the hype and will go to great lengths to find “his” Bombas if he thinks they might have been put in one of his brother’s drawers. It’s the “hugging the foot” feeling that once you experience, you can’t un-know it. But I digress, let’s check out the three pairs of socks you need this summer.

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Modern Rib Quarter Sock

Rumor has it (according to viral videos on social media) that crew-length socks just might make you look younger. The Gen Z-ers wear by them and think they can guess your age based on the type of sock you are wearing. Yes, I am saying that if you start wearing these, you might shave 10? 20? years off how old people perceive you to be. In all seriousness, the Modern Rib Quarter Sock is your everyday sock in a lighter-weight skin making it perfect for summer. I like to wear these with leggings or boots if I’m hiking with my dog in the woods. Even though they are lightweight, they still have the hex technology for amazing arch support.

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The No-Show Sock

Ok, I’ll give you a couple of reasons. Despite the fact that crew socks might make me appear younger, I just can’t do it when it comes to sneakers and dresses. I can’t do sneakers AND dresses AND crew socks. I just can’t. I also can’t do shorts and sneakers with crew socks. It’s 100% no-show for me in these two instances. And yes, these stay in place! They have a silicone gripper in the heel so they don’t slip, and with a low profile, they will disappear right into your shoes… and you won’t feel them either.

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The Compression Sock

I was introduced to compression socks when I was pregnant because of varicose veins. I literally couldn’t get out of bed unless I had my compression socks on. Fast forward seven years since I birthed a child and I still see the benefits. If I am traveling by air, I always wear my compression socks. They are great for circulation and keep swelling at bay. If you have a job where you are on your feet a lot, compression socks could be a game changer for you if you haven’t tried them yet. They also help soothe achy legs post-workout. SO many benefits.

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And as if we needed more to love about this company, for every sock purchase, they donate a pair. Bombas has network of 3,500+ Giving Partners helps us distribute an item for every item you purchase.

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