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A Very Etsy Father’s Day

May 23, 2024

Thank you to Etsy for sponsoring this post.

If buying gifts for everyone could be as easy as buying gifts for teenage girls, the world would be much less stressful place. Maybe it’s because I only have boys, but I think buying gifts for teen girls would be SO fun and easy, too. Skincare, cute new shirt, whatever is viral on social media, done! Dads, on the other hand, are hard. They want for nothing. If only the rest of us could be content with so little. Etsy to the rescue. I’ve curated a list of gifts that dads might not technically “need,” but will undoubtedly tug at their heartstrings because after all, Father’s Day is about those sentimental feels.

Custom Branding Iron

Perfect Gift for:

King of the grill

The dad who no doubt will leave his mark

Personalized Canvas Golf Covers

Perfect Gift for:

The dad who plays (too much) golf

The dad who doesn’t play enough golf

(is there any in between?)

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

Perfect Gift For:

The dad who needs a vacation

The dad who doesn’t know toiletries need their own compartment

Acrylic Vinyl Display Box

Perfect Gift for:

The music lover

The music lover who wants to display the new T.Swift album proudly

Ceramic Mug

Perfect Gift For:

The dad who does the early shift on the weekends. Hello, 5am tournament wake up!

The Thumbs Up Print

Perfect Gift for:

You’ll know if you have one 🙂

Personalized Hat

Perfect Gift For:

The dad who likes hats

The dad who likes monograms

Custom Whiskey Glass

Perfect Gift For:

The dad who needs a night off

The dad who appreciates heirlooms to pass on

Vegan Leather Duffle Bag

Perfect Gift For:

The dad who uses old Target bags to travel

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